El Sadat Invites Parliamentarians to be Prepared for the Islands Agreement

Parliamentarian, Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, called on Aly Abdel Al, Speaker of the House of Representatives, to hold an urgent meeting for the general assembly, in the presence of representatives of political parties and independents to discuss and prepare the needed arrangements to study the agreements signed with Saudi Arabia about naval borders with Egypt.

El Sadat added, that the House should study the subject thoroughly and patience at the highest technical levels. Committees must be formed to study historical documents in international libraries on the issue. Also, it must call on necessary experts from geographical and historical backgrounds to reach the truth on the sovereignty of the disputed islands in detailed hearing sessions to teach parliamentarians and the public the reality through live television coverage.

El Sadat warned that rushing to approve the agreements with claims of supporting the government in its path regardless of the will of the people and public opinion expressed over the past days refusing giving up any grain of sand on which the blood of Egyptians was spilt to protect.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
Member of the House of Representatives


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