El Sadat Calls for the Release of April 25th Detainees

Parliament Member Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, called on General Magdy Abd El Ghaffar, the Minister of the Interior, to issue orders of immediate release of those detained during the April 25th protests. El Sadat calls for the release of those protestors who were detained without having breached the Demonstration Law, and did not take part in any violent or destructive activity; reminding us that the most effective way to resolve political disputes is through constructive political discourse, and not through the exchange of violence. 

El Sadat also emphasized the detrimental effects of relinquishing political disputes to security agencies; something that he declared threatened the very foundations of society and resulted in the buildup of unnecessary political and social turmoil. El Sadat also calls on the nation's political leadership to organize political dialogue surrounding the points of dispute; reminding us all that we are all patriots, each individual caring, above all else, for the well-being of the nation. 

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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