Saddened by What is Happening in Egypt

Many violations occur every day against the rights of the Egyptian citizen, specially activists, human right defenders and civil society organisations, ending with the latest accusations and judicial procedures in the case of foreign funding. 
What does the ruling system in Egypt with it's various security apparatuses want?

We have advised them all, at the highest levels, through direct meetings and written correspondence, that practising continuous pressure and restrictions will make them lose everyone. That they are using the same old methods that resulted in two revolutions. 

The activities and programs of civil society organisations will not die and will not end. Organising and supervision without interference is the right of the state and we are with you in calling for it. But, if you are after prohibitions and restrictions, we will stand against this.

Therefore, as soon as the House of Representatives, is done with electing its committees by the end of March, the Human Rights Committee will call for an immediate dialogue session if it is allowed to. This is our last hope. 

The dialogue session will bring representatives from civil society organisations and human rights activists together with government officials and members of security bodies in a real discussion to finally agree on a system, a law and a way of life observed and respected by all and reflecting the constitution. Otherwise, we will continue down the path of exchanged doubt and accusation of treason, which extend to international organisations and the stances and statements by American and European governments and parliaments.
The problem is ours in Egypt. We have to face the truth and rearrage the house from within. We do not want to give the chance to either friends or enemies to alert us and remind us of internal violations occurring every day under imaginary and unacceptable justifications.
My personal belief is that the West is keen on Egypt's unity and stability for one simple reason: It cannot, at any cost, handle a failed and divided Egypt as it is doing with Syria today with all the political, economic ramifications, specially the refugee crisis. 

Political or parliamentary delegations that defend what is happening in Egypt or justify violations of international treaties and commitments towards human rights and citizenship according to the law and the constitution will no longer suffice.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat
Member of the House of Representatives
Human Rights Committee


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