El Sadat to the House of Representatives Speaker

We mustn't burry our heads in the sand and ignore the European Parliament's resolution on Egypt and its recommendations regarding human rights violations in Egypt.
It is better to face reality instead of exchanging accusations, doubting intentions and repeating slogans against foreign interference in Egypt's sovereignty. We should start a real dialogue aiming at reform and implementing rule of law and accountability on all levels and institutions. We received the same feedback before from the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the U.S. Congress and lastly the European Parliament and it makes no sense that the whole world is conspiring against us. These are our partners and supporters of Egypt's transition towards democracy, stability and respect to rule of law and human rights and dignity. 

I suggest the immediate formation of a delegation of Egyptian parliamentarians representing the foreign affairs, defense and national security and human rights committees to visit the European Parliament and meet with committee heads and parliamentary blocs to explain the reality of the situation and discuss the European neighborhood policy on Egypt and its executive plan for the next years that is expected to be set in 2016.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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