Anwar El Sadat: Parliament Sessions Intentionally Delayed – People Paying the Price

Parliamentarian and President of the ‘Reform and Development’ party, Anwar El Sadat, expressed his dissent regarding the delay in ratifying the parliamentary bylaws, postponing the start of internal elections of parliamentary committees. This delay does not enable House of Representatives members to carry out their role in responding to people’s needs, under pressure from groups that assemble in front of Parliament building demanding attention to their concerns and rights.

El Sadat wondered, in who’s interest is this delay which raises anger among Egyptians and leaves Parliament unable to carry out its constitutional commitments, starting with discussing the general budget expected to reach the house first of April. Parliament will be tasked with reviewing the budget and clauses on different sectors such as health and education. El Sadat considered this intentional obstruction to the work of Parliament a wrong decision which brings more harm than good, considering that the state holds the prime responsibility towards the people with the Parliament as simply an instrument or a mediator.

El Sadat called for the necessity of informing the public about the work of the committee being formed, tasked with discussing the government’s program through live and immediate media coverage calling it: the government for the people, not the people for the government.


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