El Sadat to the Ministry of Interior: I Ask You to Leave

President of the Reform and Development party, Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, expressed his deep concern over the alarming absence of discipline and self-restraint practiced by members of the police force which was evident in a series of illogical and inexcusable incidents of torture and random murder in different parts of the country over the past months. 

El Sadat assured that violations are no longer simply criminal, but also extended to breach political security. El Sadat refused to justify these violations due to exceptional events and terrorist threats that the country is subjected to. He added that these incidents will surely make us forget about the history of large sacrifices of members of the police force.

El Sadat finally warned security officials, and especially the Minister of Interior, to carry out their role in controlling this deteriorating case of chaos within the security apparatus before they increase anger and lose the trust of the people. Simply, if the minister and his assistants cannot make a remarkable difference with tangible results, then they must leave their positions, handing over their leadership posts to others who are able to regain discipline and trust. Only then will we find more and more patriotic leaders that are able to keep Egypt safe and Egyptians proud. 

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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