El-Sadat to El-Sisi: Actions should be taken before any talks with the Youth

The Parliament Member Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) commends an initiative taken by President Abdelfatah Sisi to hold talks with the Ultras as they played an important role in Portsaid massacre. Sadat stresses that numerous actions should be taken before talks in an attempt to pacify everybody that the discussions will be fruitful. Further, such actions will highlight the read potential of the political entities to cease crisis and retaliation for martyrs. Such actions should be as follows:
(1) Investigation and Fact-finding committee reports on the issue should be announced to the public even if the findings are harsh without tangible evidence.

(2) Conducting investigation promptly with all those involved in the massacre whether by planning, mediation or participation especially security leaders. They should be suspended from resuming office until investigation ends so as to protect and sustain evidences.

(3)Taking decisive measures with those encouraging sedition who are accusing the youth all the time of taking money, and of being terrorists and traitors.

(4) Resuming football matches and allowing the public to attend, however the matches should be highly secures even if private security companies are used. The matches could also be conducted at the Military Forces Stadium.

(5) Reconsidering the status of the youth kept at prisons especially the students and setting them free if no final judgments are made criminalizing them. 

El-Sadat stressed that those actions should promptly be taken in an attempt to regain the youth's confidence in the state entities especially after the grave depression and isolation of them by taking some incorrect decisions by some authority figures like cancelling the results of Student Unions and arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance.

El-Sadat suggests that a committee could be constituted comprising Parliament Members to resume investigation and hold talks with the youth to know their opinions, suggestions and view-points. Such committee would be an attempt to end up investigation and be sufficient as taking retaliation for the martyrs and try regaings the lost rights of the people. 

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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