El-Sadat Submits a Bill amending the Supreme Constitutional Court so as to protect the Parliament from dissolution

The Parliament Member Mohamed Anwar Sadat, the Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) submits to the House of Representatives a Draft Law to amend some provisions in the Supreme Constitutional Court Law. Such act was done after taking the consultation of the General Assembly of the Supreme constitutional Court in an attempt to protect the present Parliament from being dissolved. That will enable the parliament to continue its term and perform its duties, obligations and responsibilities that were assigned to it by the Egyptians.

El-Sadat pinpointed that it is unreasonable to dissolve the Parliament after its formation. Such dissolution may make the parliament members feel distressed and It may also contribute to wasting the Billions paid by the State to run the parliamentary elections. This will also waste the efforts exerted by the Military, Police and Judges in managing the elections. Further, it will be pedantic to dissolve a recently formed parliament giving a false image to the world that Egypt is unable to run elections, constitute a parliament and respect its existence until its period terminates. Egyptian parliament is not unlike the world parliaments.

El-Sadat clarifies that the most important amendments to be made is in Article 49 of the law which regulates the direct effect of unconstitutionality in the legislated provisions and that is in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 159 of the constitution. Furthermore, a paragraph is added to the law regulating the stability of the parliament and securing the existence of the House of Representatives so as to resume responsibilities, duties and obligations. The Parliament should not be dissolved due to mistakes in the present law, the parliament members have nothing to do about. 

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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