El Sadat Calls on Parliament to hold a Hearing Session for Police Officers

Parliamentarian and head of the Reform and Development Party, Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, called on Parliament Speaker, Dr. Ali Abdel Al, to hold a hearing session for police officers to learn about their issues and concerns and the problems they face which cause some anger by other citizens regarding their performance. He explained that the reasons behind these problems could be related to some faults with the laws organizing the work of the Ministry of Interior and internal relations between young officers and leadership.

El Sadat assured that the hearing session will put the bigger picture in front of Parliament which will be very helpful in drafting legislations that strengthen the relationship between the Ministry of Interior and the Egyptian people. It will also help in erasing some mistakes from Egyptians’ memories and enable them to open a new page on the basis of mutual respect and commitment to rule of law.

El Sadat pointed that any violations in citizen’s rights is unacceptable just as it is unacceptable to allow demeaning and violating the rights of police officers. In the end, all we want is a country where justice, equality and rule of law are applied to everyone.


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