El Sadat Condemns Al Arabi's Statement about the Civil Service Law

Parliamentarian and President of the Reform and Development Party, Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, has condemned statements by Dr. Ashraf Al Arabi, Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform, which said that the Parliament's rejection of the Civil Service Law sends a negative message to the international community and affects Egypt's chances of receiving external loans.

El Sadat affirmed that Parliament has every right to approve or reject presidential decrees issued in its absence as long as its decisions are in favor of Egyptian citizens. He added that Parliament is the body responsible for adopting general state policies and respective legislations, putting Egyptians interests as the first and foremost priority before seeking approval of the international community. El Sadat also assured that it was necessary for Parliament to reject the civil service law as it has inflicted injustice on many citizens.

He also stated that the real responsibility of sending negative messages to the international community falls on those issuing flawed laws that do not reflect the hopes and aspirations of Egyptians and continues with violations of human rights and go against international community recommendations in that regard.

Finally, El Sadat exclaimed that it is contradictory for the government to highlight the importance of the international community regarding this very domestic issue while generally ignoring it. Furthermore, the government has consistently went further to accuse those who reach out to the international community of treason and saw international recommendations as interference in Egypt's domestic affairs.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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