El-Sadat: 6 Decrees are rejected on top of which are Revolution, Civil Service and Agricultural Cooperation

Parliament Member, Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) announces his rejection of certain Decree Laws. A total sum of 191 Decree Laws are referred to the Special Committees at the House of Representatives to be reviewed. The Special Committees are supposed to prepare reports on such Decree Laws to be announced at a public session on Sunday. Such preparations are for voting on those Decree Laws either in favor of or against them in accordance with Article 156 of the constitution.

El-Sadat stresses that the voting will take place so as to know the opinion of the Parliament Members in a Public Session whether they agree or disagree with such Decree Laws. The Public session is to be held next week before 25th of January 2016. It will mark the ending of the 15 days as the Parliament sessions started on 10th of January 2016. Sadat highlighted that the rejected Decree Laws promoted corruption and wasting public property and losing Academic freedom and university independence.

El-Sadat clarifies that the completely rejected Decree Laws are:
(1) Decree Law no. 32 of the year 2014 on regulating allegations against the State contracts and that is in an attempt to perform surveillance on the contracts concluded by the State for the well being of the Public.
 (2) Decree Law no. 97 of the year 2015 on the amendment of certain provisions of Law 63 of 1975 on the illicit gain; which permits conciliation with corrupts; such act will encourage corruption and stealing the public property. 
(3) Decree Law no. 52 of the year 2014 on the amendment of provisions of law no 49 of 1972 on universities; the act that apparently grounds for subjecting the University leaders to Political leaders and threatening the universities independence. 
(4) Decree Law no. 18 of the year 2015 on Civil Service as it is ill-reviewed and will have negative implications on the employees.
(5) Decree Law no. 107 of the year 2013 on the right to holding public meetings, demonstrations and peaceful protests. 
(6) Decree Law no. 204 of the year 2014 on Agricultural Cooperation; as it restricts the farmers' representation in Cooperative Association administration Councils. 

In the same context, Sadat highlights that there are numerous Decree Laws to be amended immediately after having the approval of the Parliament on them in accordance with Article 156 of the Constitution. Such laws include Terrorism and Managing Prisons stressing that he refuses certain articles in such Decree Laws, however, they are not completely rejected. 

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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