Sadat to The Minister of Higher Education: Students’ will in choosing who represents them should be respected

Mr. Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) expressed his discontent with respect to the Minister of Higher Education attitude towards not approving the results of Student Union’s nominations at the Egyptian Universities. The Minister did not approve the results stating that the political stances of those who won are not clear. Such act is deconstructing the Student’s will in choosing who represents them. This act also destroys the concept of democracy which is established and practiced by the Egyptian university youth.

Sadat said that not approving the results will increase the youth anger and depression. Later, the youth may not cooperate significantly and effectively in the political arena. However, the youth should build the future with their own hands creatively. Hence, Sadat stressed that the Students’ will should be respected, especially those who struggled honestly and straightforwardly to gain their colleagues trust to nominate them.

Sadat also stressed that the youth should be encouraged and praised for participating in the local elections which will be one of the priorities to be made by the party in the upcoming period. Such act will be after drafting the Local Administration Law by the Parliament. This law will include the youth’s right to participate in decision making and the community policies and building the future they dream of.


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