El-Sadat to Sisi: Issuing New Decree Laws while the Parliament will be constituted in a month is inappropriate

Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP) called President Sisi for reconsidering issuing 25 new Decree Laws before assigning his legislative authority to the House of Representatives. The Parliament is expected to be constituted in a month keeping in mind that its main function is legislation. Mr. Sadat stressed that such Decree Laws shall be reviewed by the Parliament. 

El-Sadat highlighted that the issuance of such laws is not dire or urgent. Issuing such Decree Laws while awaiting the constitution of the parliament is inappropriate. Such act is considered as a violation of the rights and powers granted to the House of the Representatives especially after spreading rumors that the Decree Laws issued by Sisi will not be reported to the Parliament. Such act is considered a severe violation of the rights of the Parliament in accordance with Article 156 of the Constitution.


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