El-Sadat: Sisi should reveal the facts about the Nile River to the Egyptians

Anwar El-Sadat, Head of Reform and Development Party was astonished from the declarations made by Dr. Hussam Mughazy, minister of Irrigation to the weekly newspaper Almassa' . The Minister stated that all data related to the Nile River issue should be kept classified and should only be revealed to experts and specialists in the field claiming that it affects homeland national security.

El-Sadat stressed that the Minister instead of clarifying frankly to the Egyptians the situation of Al-Nahda Dam and its effect on the share of the Egyptians from the Nile, he kept all the information classified. The Egyptians may help in facing such problem by wisely using water and making the utmost usage of it. This act of keeping information secret is considered to be counter Article 44 of the Egyptian constitution.

El-Sadat called President Sisi for urging the government to reveal to the Egyptians the facts about the Nile and our water challenges. The future prospects of any project related to the Nile is of paramount importance to all the Egyptians, and hence, it should be protected and preserved by them hand in hand with the Egyptian government.


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