Anwar El-Sadat: the State should address the reasons of Voters' reluctance before the second phase of elections

Anwar El-Sadat, the head of the Reform and Development Party (RDP) calls the state agencies concerned to address immediately the reasons for the reluctance of voters to participate recently in elections and constitutional merits. Such reluctance reflects a serious indication that numerous Egyptians start losing interest in the political situation and that most people will stay at home resembling a pre-January 25 Revolution scenario.

El-Sadat emphasized the importance of considering the reasons for this reluctance to work immediately on the development of awareness and urging voters to participate in the House of Representatives elections. The drawbacks must be addressed, especially the acts of media; repetitive postponement of the elections; the bona fide' parliament; the constitution amendments; the obstacles set by the parliament to the President; and the development plans in addition to the aging of leaders and non-renewal of the elites and the futility of political parties' work.

El-Sadat highlighted the importance of accelerating the processing of addressing such drawbacks that led to such reluctance, especially that the second phase elections is soon. If such drawbacks are not addressed swiftly, our image before ourselves and the whole world will be negatively affected.


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