Anwar El-Sadat: the faulty policies adopted by the State leads to Voters reluctance and youth nominees' failure

The Reform and Development Party under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed Anwar Sadat related the instability of the first phase parliamentary elections to the incorrect policies. Such instability is sensed internally and abroad. Many electors abstained from voting leading to bringing elections upside down. 

El-Sadat stressed that voters' reluctance has led to the loss of efforts exerted by party candidates and supporters and to the absence of the spirit of competition. It further promoted a feeling among voters that what is made by the new nominees will not be much different from what was made by their predecessors. That led to failure of new and old party candidates to be represented in the early first phase of elections.

El-Sadat said that there are many reasons the State should be held liable for that lead to the lack of parliamentary importance. The reasons, inter alia, are that the parliament impedes the president and the development plans; and that the elections were postponed more than once; and that the constitution will be amended. Such issues made a lot of people consider elections impeding the progress of the state. Thus, the parliament is deemed important abroad rather than internally and it thus lacks representing most of the Egyptians. 


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