El-Sadat demands incorporating a "Support Fund" for Syrian Refugees

Mr. Anwar El Sadat the Head of the Reform and Development Party RDP urges Dr. Nabil El-Araby the Secretary General of the League of Arab States LAS to incorporate a Support Fund. Such Fund shall be under the supervision of LAS so as to help and support the Syrian Refugees. Those refugees has left their counties escaping the scourge of war that lasts for four years. Such war resulted in the evacuation of millions of Syrians to Arab and European countries.

El Sadat highlighted that Such Fund shall be responsible for helping and supporting the Syrian refugees who are facing each and every day death. He added that the money of such fund shall be transferred to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR in Egypt and the neighbor countries to Syrian. Countries like Jordan, Lebanon ... etc. will welcome the Syrian refugees. Arab countries, wealthy Gulf countries and Arab businessmen will contribute in the establishment of this Fund. 

El Sadat stressed that the Arab countries must have a decisive stance with respect to the Syrian Refugee crisis and must support such cause and must try to alleviate the suffering of the Syrians. He added that LAS must play a pivotal and tangible role in sorting a way out and remedy for the calamity the Syrians are suffering.


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