Anwar El-Sadat calls Sisi for adopting a historic initiative between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Head of Reform and Development Party (RDP), Mr. Anwar El-Sadat calls President Abdel-Fattah Sisi for adopting an unprecedented initiative. Such initiative will prove to the whole world that Egypt is the heart of the world and the top sponsor of and support to the well being of the Islamic world. Historically, it is well known that nothing lasts forever, neither friendship nor antagonism. Consequently, lessening the tense between Iran and the countries in the region generally and Saudi Arabia in specific is realistic and can be attained. Such lessening is achievable especially within such escalating critical implications and the dispute taking place now between the two countries. The question is: is President Sisi going to accept this historic initiative aiming at getting rid of the tense relations between the two countries?

El- Sadat stressed that normalizing the relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is difficult, however, it is not impossible. The present circumstances enables opening such case despite the fact that for some people thinking of the issue is considered political insane. The current status is suitable for opening the case and discussing the objectives, terms and conditions, guarantees and compromises.

El- Sadat said that the Saudi-Iranian reconciliation cannot be left in a vicious circle. Such reconciliation needs presentment, bravery and clear vision based on defining the demands and the procedures that reflect good intentions. Further ceasing the sectarian religious speech is of paramount importance and international intermediaries are needed. A declaration should be announced specifying the commitments to be respected. A clear conviction of having unified interests, challenges and threats in the region should be there. Cooperation between the two countries should be enhanced in facing mutual threats. The question is: is president Sisi going to take steps and attain a unique Egyptian unprecedented achievement to be kept in history and remembered by the whole world?


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