Requisite Messages in Exceptional Circumstances

To Justice Mr. Ahmad El-Zend the Minister of Justice and the Former Head of Egypt's Judge's Club

In my opinion, there is a big chance to benefit from your experiences in inviting the members of the Supreme Judicial Council and the judges to a round table urgently to discuss and review the judicial system in Egypt. A lot of Egyptians feel that this system needs to reformed, developed and modernized starting from the courts buildings, Forensics and Real Estate Publicity Departments and the interests of experts and bailiffs to legislations and laws that govern the judges themselves when issuing their rulings and auditing reports of health and security service investigations protecting the defendants' right to avoid injustice. This will rebuild confidence between citizens and the court rulings.

To Mr. Magdy Abdel-Ghaffar the Minister of the Interior

With all due appreciation and respect of the sacrifices made by the Security Forces in facing terrorism which result in martyrdom and wounding many of them, however, I like many others feel that the old trespassing practices made by the police officers are still the same. Denying, restricting and wasting the rights of citizens must come to an end and law must be respected so as to avoid anger, resentment and despair of the youth (made peace with the people) and be open with friendly countries in the world and partners for further cooperation and training to maintain expertise and experiences in the areas of human rights, justice and law enforcement.

To Press and Media Professionals

Enough negative messages of hatred, division and creating an atmosphere of mistrust between the people and political activists. Your influence especially on the ordinary people and laymen in the villages and rural areas in Upper Egypt and the Delta is intense. Please apply the code of ethics governing press and media professionals and respect the honor of this profession. By this way people will be reassured of the future and feel the silver lining of hope.

To the Military Forces

You are in the hearts of the Egyptians. We feel gratitude towards your exploits and sacrifices throughout history. You are the people's army and will always be present at hard times to protect the Egyptians and our homeland. However, you should be distanced away from politics, economic expansion and activities and cease being in command and control of civil state institutions and activities so that we can build a state of law, equality and justice.

To the Military of Exterior Affairs and our Ambassadors abroad

Your stance must be action not words and you must understand the regional and international scenes well. You should also admit the reality of the situation and accept our obligations. Haste unplanned reaction inconsistent with the diplomatic norms and customs should be avoided. Egypt is part of the world and we have partnership and friendly relations with a lot of countries. Hence we should listen to the opinions of others especially at our transitional period.

To the Azhar Grand Emam and the Pope Tawadros and all clergymen, intellectuals and sociologists

Urgent effort is needed to deal with the phenomenon of sectarian bias and violence which is wide spread in our society nowadays as a result of the misinformed ideas and behavior. Ideas such as forgiveness and love must be reinforced so as to avoid struggles and sectarian seditions that are widely spread in counties and villages. Law should be strictly enforced without any exceptions establishing peace in the society. You should also address the laymen in villages and leave the ivory towers of conferences and symposiums.

To the People and the political parties and we, the RDP, are among them

Threats and challenges are a lot internally and externally. President Sisi will not be able to do everything alone in facing problem without a patriotic understanding community backing him. There are governmental institutions and agencies that should get rid of bureaucracy and favoritism and should start facing corruption. The Egyptian citizen should feel the greatness of his or her country and that we are able to live together even if we differ under one sky in one country.

Anwar El-Sadat

Head of the Reform and Development Party (RDP)


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