Reform and Development Party: Export promotion strategy must be comprehensively reviewed

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party (RDP), said that during the past five years the cash provided to exporters as a percentage of the amount of export has not reached any significant increase in the exportation. According to officials at the Central Bank, ever since 2009 the total export of non-petroleum goods did not increase from $ 14 billion. While in 2014, the total merchandise imports to Egypt is raised to $ 10 billion in the same period to reach about $ 60 billion. Further, the total sum of allocations specified in the general budget for the last five years was nearly 3 billion pounds, and that is less than 3% of non-oil exports. Hence, most of the exports do not depend on the government and that there are features supporting the Egyptian products in these areas rather than the government support.

Sadat explained that the direct support of the export policy is not primarily an effective and influential neither in increasing nor in stimulating exports. Thus, the direct support must be replaced by a non-direct one. That could be attained by a strategy of Egyptian competitiveness to develop and support producers in all plans for the advancement of the mechanisms of operation and management and international marketing and a target annual increase exports.

Sadat suggested several points to develop the new strategies for exportation, including:

- Setting a target to increase the annual Egyptian rising commodity and service exports and to held officials responsible for the implementation of such target.

- Allocating budgets upon detailed studies of the problems of every productive sector and determining its competitive level in global markets, and then formulating procedures and realistic proposals and policies to increase presence in international markets and compete with foreign goods in the domestic market upon both quality and price.

- Using international consultancy firms in determining the appropriate production quality standards internationally and in making use of these standards to reach decisions taken by producers and service providers, and approved budgets for corporate training on the application of these standards and the introduction of new operational systems.

- Dealing strictly with any product or service provider not abiding by the specifications and the Egyptian product display in general, particularly in light of regional and global non-favoritism competition.

- Allocating budgets for international marketing of Egyptian goods and products exhibitions and supporting serious producers in traveling abroad to make deals and to facilitate all procedures for the implementation of export contracts.

- Supporting trade representation offices with respect to economy and marketing in embassies and consulates abroad, to promote Egyptian companies, and setting an annual target to these make use of these offices and to hold them responsible for any failure.


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