El-Sadat: What's Next after Issuing the Report of the National Council for Human Rights

After issuing a report that reveals the reality already found regardless the different views concerning it, admitting reality is virtue.

I see that this report is pivotal one for many reasons

- It sheds light on the importance of the National Council for Human Rights as a national authority to protect rights and liberties in Egypt, through its technical skills, and scientific and practical experiences, which qualify it to be asylum for Egyptian people asking its protection in case they suffer from any profanation for their rights and dignity.

- There for, the current legislator and the next parliament must take into consideration the issue of modifying the council law, in order to enable it more to carry out its role in better and strong way.

- From the other side, the weak response from the government to the requests and letters of the council which is 30% of the expected response to the inquiries and complains, which is considered as very negative indication to reveal a case of no cooperation.

-I confirm to the government that one letter equals citizen's life, so, there is no indulgence with negligence to respond to a citizen's call for help, so, what about neglecting call for help by 70% of citizens.

-This is not a good attitude from the government after 2 revolutions, and the president should take decisive actions to force the government to respond to the correspondences of the council in order to assure the citizen his importance in his country.

- Although the different final figures of the victims and injured mentioned in the report, there are confirmed figures assured by government, although they are less than the real one, so, the president should refer this group of violations and recommendations immediately to the concerned authorities as soon as possible to investigate them.

- Finally, denying violations from the government side is not effective, as they are clear for everyone, especially we are in the open skies era, and the social media networks, so, the government should start reformation and reconstruction process for its authorities, confess its mistakes, and ask for consultation to seek for solution in order to advance the society, and the citizen to feel belongingness to this country.

Chairman of the Reform and Development Party

Anwar El-Sadat


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