El Sadat Welcomes the Ministry of Small Business and Expresses Concern about the Establishment of a Ministry for Egyptians Abroad

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party (RDP), welcomed the desire of Mr. President to constitute a new ministry for the development of small and medium enterprises because of the need for a single institution leading and coordinating development in this sector. Millions of young people and poor families rely on this sector to find permanent and stable employment opportunities through the establishment of their own businesses. Hence, it is better to coordinate development efforts exerted in this realm rather than working aimlessly without a clear plan.

El-Sadat explained that this ministry, in order to attain its tangible targets in employment opportunities for young people and the poor development, must have precise competences and powers established by law. Such competences will define what is needed from this ministry and will facilitate the annual of its targets. Further, the definition of these competencies will enable brining the responsible into accountability for any non-abidance. A sufficient budget must be allocated for this ministry so as to appoint qualified figures who can achieve goals effectively; and to make realistic and detailed studies on investment opportunities and challenges facing the small investor. That is in addition to supporting projects of the general budget by at least 3 billion a year to ensure providing jobs annually. The money allocated should be regarded as credit for investment recycled through the success of small and medium enterprises. Donations from Long live Egypt fund and Zakat House grants as well as the operating grants coming from international organizations should be added to the sum of money allocated.

El-Sadat expresses certain reservations about the establishment of a Ministry concerned with the Egyptians abroad. He fears conflict between the tasks assigned for this ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration. He also points that a national council and fund for the Egyptians abroad should be established with the aim of protecting them in cases of emergency abroad such as war or the forced deportation or economic setbacks. Such council should facilitate the administrative procedures in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant ministries in Egypt, in addition to the implementation of activities and events to new generations that grew up abroad to strengthen connection with their homeland; and the formation of pressure groups in the countries abroad stressing the Egyptian and regional policies.


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