El-Sadat: Calling Businessmen for Supporting the High Committee for Immigration

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, Called the Egyptian businessmen residing in Egypt and abroad, for supporting the "high committee for immigration" leaded by Dr. Nahid Al-Ashry Minister of the Labor Force and Immigration, which will hold a meeting on Sunday with the presence of representatives of 18 ministries in order to provide mechanism to create fund to be from the Egyptian people living inside and outside Egypt, aiming at helping Egyptian people who forced to come back to Egypt, and to take them in and provide them with the humanitarian services and first aids needed.

El-Sadat confirmed the importance of providing suitable environment for all the Egyptian forced to come back from abroad, among of them the Arab countries, which subject to wars and struggles, in order to keep their safety and security, and to provide them with work opportunities in their country, aiming at decreasing the unemployment rates and to raise the standard of living, which will participate in decreasing the illegal immigration rate to Europe and the Arab region.

El-Sadat called the political parties for the importance of enlightening of the risks of the illegal immigration between young men in the governorates that are known for high rates of Egyptian immigrants, and the necessity to provide legal, political, and economic alternatives for fighting illegal immigration, and supporting the Egyptian people who are forced to come back to Egypt.


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