Anwar El-Sadat submit a complaint to the Attorney General to investigate WikiLeaks Saudi Arabia documents

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party (RDP) demanded Justice/ Hesham Barakat, the Attorney General in an official complain to initiate investigations regarding documents published by WikiLeaks Saudi Arabia. The documents are leaked to the Saudi Foreign Ministry. The documents include telegrams and other documents for the "Foreign Ministry" including secret communications with Saudi Embassies worldwide. Furthermore, some of the documents are defined as "highly confidential and classified" sent from Certain Saudi institutions. Among such institutions are the Ministry of Interior and the Intelligence. Such leakages have to do with politicians, Media professionals and actors throughout the successive Egyptians governments.

El-Sadat stressed that investigations must target defining the limits of the intervention and the role played by Saudi Arabia affecting Egyptians policies. The relation between the Egyptian Policies; and Religion, politics and certain people and sectarian movements should be revealed. In this respect, questions should be asked: will this intervention affect the Egyptian policies internally and externally? What is the role of the Saudi Ambassador in Cairo to achieve these goals and its effect on the Egyptian role in the region? 

El-Sadat pinpointed the importance to start investigations in the documents published by WikiLeaks Saudi Arabia as it relates to the national security of Egypt. He added that investigations will reveal whether such information in true or false and will also expose the institution supporting such publishing at this timing.


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