Reform and Development Party: "Your Project" Initiative DestroysYouth Hopes

Anwar El-Sadat, Reform and Development Party Chairman, confirmed that the initiative for employing youth that was launched by the government is losing youth support. The ministry of internal development manages the initiative named "Your Project", in order to encourage youthto start their projects through micro and small loans and focus on some of the most poor governorates in Egypt. Unfortunately, the initiative includes irrational conditions, and do not meet the hopes of youth in a stable and better income. 

ElSadat cleared that there are many anxieties from the youth side to participate and respond to this initiative, and the reason for that is the very hard conditions and commitments imposed on the youth who are still in the beginning of their life. In addition, most of them do not have personal and financial guarantees. Given the high loan interest, and short due payment period, the profits they will get will not be enough to pay the loans.

El -Sadat called the government to launch initiatives that youth can respond to and participate in, and to be new addition through which they can start their career for life with easy conditions and guarantees that give them hope for the future, and


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