El-Sadat:The Investment Law Reflects the Tormenting Reality of the Egyptian Legislation

Anwar El-Sadat, "Reform and Development" Party chairman, cleared that, Dr. Abla Abdel Latif, chairman of the presidential economic council, unexpectedly stated in Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper that she think that the investment law has been enacted in a hurry and it needs to be revised and edited.
This statement, which comes from inside the economic decision making circle in the state, reflects the tormenting reality of Egypt nowadays, during this period in which the parliament formation is delayed, in addition to continuing building the constitutional authorities for Egypt after the revolution. 

El-Sadat confirmed that this issue is to confirm that issuing laws in Egypt is either to be entrusted to a group of amateurs, with less experience, or a group of people that see themselves above criticism and accountability, and know every thing, and do not need any advice of the other parties related to laws and decisions, and taking their point of views, and concerns into consideration while issuing clear and settled law. We knew that before issuing this law, the businessmen and investors societies in Egypt held some meetings and interviews, and the outcome of these meetings and events were issuing recommendations and important comments, which must be taken into consideration, but the law unexpectedly issued regardless these recommendations and comments which were reflected from the meant parties of the investment process.The question here is why the government holds the burden of issuing and editing the laws, while it is not qualified enough to handle this process correctly? and why the government officials insists to ignore the concerned parties in any case, and to act in a hurry and in a rash way in issuing laws without holding meetings and making discussions with the concerned parties, and experts, in addition to ignoring the political parties that represent the legitimate entities in the country.


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