El-Sadat is wondering, The Monorail Train, a Civilized Prosperity, or Absence of Good Vision and Wasting of Resources?

The minister of housing spoke few days ago about launching new project to link the capital Cairo to 6th of October city via Road Al Farag axial road, with a length of 52 km, and with total cost 1 billion and a half USD (nearly, 12 billions L.E), and this project will be financed from a loan to be paid in installments over 14 years.

This project looks a civilized prosperity that will change the life in Egypt. But we wonder about the benefit of this project from the economic side, as per the real practice, we expect that the no. of coaches in this train will not be more than 100 coaches, with maximum capacity no more than 50 - 100 for each coach.This means that, the cost for every coach will be 120 million L.E, which is a matter of madness.In the meantime, the cost for the common bus of the public transportation authority is no more than 1 million L.E, and the luxurious bus is almost 2 million.And looking at this huge cost, we can use it to enlarge the fleet of the public transportation authority using 6000 - 12000 buses at least; this amount of buses is enough to solve completely the problem of traffic jam in the Capital Cairo, and its suburbs, not only one line between 2 cities.If this project is meant to decrease the pressure on the new axial road, we wonder, if this limited no. of coaches will cause very heavy pressure over the new axial road, which costs hundred of millions, in a way to force us to build a bridge for a monorail along the axial road, and with such huge cost? In addition to the state plans to increase the developed transportation projects and its promise to finish these projects in very short time, while the ministry of transportation authorities are unable to manage the current transportation utilities, and we see recurrent catastrophes and grave accidents with no one to be blamed.

We also wonder, why we insist on linking 6th of October city to Cairo, and Giza, while ignoring opening new axial roads to the industrial city reaches to Fayoum and Beni Swaif, which are considered of the poorest areas in Egypt, and need more work opportunities.Finally, we have the right to wonder about the economic benefit of this project; especially we will use a loan to execute it? Is there hidden benefits direct the decision maker to execute this project? A project with such huge investments will have huge earnings for the companies that will execute it, in addition to the groups that will benefit from it. We are waiting for the answers.


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