El-Sadat demands Minister of Electricity to price Electricity Produced from Domestic and Agricultural Wastes

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party (RDP), demanded the Minister of Electricity to accelerate setting a price for the purchase of electricity produced from domestic and agricultural waste treatment in order to encourage private investment in this sector.

 El- Sadat said that Egypt is currently suffering from air pollution caused by burning millions of tons of household garbage and agricultural waste, when this material is considered a national treasure that should be made use of. Setting a distinctive price for the purchase of electricity produced from waste treatment plants will contribute significantly to attract global and domestic investments necessary for the establishment and operation of stations.

It would also raise the economic value of waste instead of burning it and polluting the environment. It is expected to reach -using waste - an annual electricity production of at least 10 Billion kilowatt hours. Despite this fact, Egypt is suffering from huge challenges in hard currency to buy fuel from abroad.


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