Anwar El Sadat to President Sisi: Run a Constitutional Referendum to Cancel Parliament Instead of Perpetually Stalling Parliament Elections

Anwar El Sadat, President of the "Reform and Development" party, asks the President to call for an immediate constitutional referendum to cancel the existence of the House of Representatives and its jurisdictions.

Some of the President's advisors are merely fans of politics who still think and act in manners that should have expired after the major changes introduced four years ago. Therefore, the President and government do not see the importance of the Parliament, which is evident in the unjustifiable and repeated postponement of the parliamentary elections. Moreover, it seems like there is presidential and governmental relief due to the political and legislative vacuum and the absence of accountability.

According to the constitution, the President has the authority to invent a new system that Egypt can introduce to the world, where the executive power is the sole source of legislation and accountability. With this authority, the President could also ban all political parties, thereby allowing them to take a break from their struggles and divisions, and leave satellite TV presenters to fulfil this crucial political role instead as they already do.. This would conveniently give the media the opportunity to continue to use media pressure as a tool to advance the interests of private investors and defame well-intentioned, patriotic politicians.

The reality and absence of Egypt's political process over the past few months affirms that the state has no real intention to establish strong legislative or supervisory institutions that build the modern state of Egypt and work towards its development. When the President, and leading representatives from the government, outwardly disrespect the constitution, its powers are invalidated and it becomes a useless document. There is no point in having a constitution, when the absence of a representative, legislative body such as the Parliament, is taken advantage of to issue countless laws and policies that contradict the constitution itself, which is a dire and profound violation of the contract between the Egyptian people and the state.

While there are some who believe that in our current situation, the President must hold all legislative and state powers in his hands to advance Egypt, the reality is the opposite: allowing the President to have ultimate authority only hinders the his vision for political and social development, which in turn, affects us all.


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