A New Vision by Anwar El Sadat to Increase the Egyptian presence in Libya in order to preserve the comprehensive concept of National Security

The current circumstances in the countries surrounding Egypt and the escalation-taking place in Iraq, Syria and Yemen as a result of the political and security vacuum in those countries triggered without any doubt reconsidering the seriousness of the situation in Libya. Such reconsideration is important especially in light of having in Libya unresolved military and political battles aiming at having a unified country governed by law. In an environment where chaos and lack of control prevail, unfortunately the most extremists and terrorist groups find a safe haven and enormous space to promote their presence and increase their influence in the Libyan cities one after the other. What we fear most is the expansion of such groups along wide places in the desert with increase in their powers to reach the huge oil fields there resulting in severe consequences. Consequently, we urge the need to take measures and initiatives to strengthen the Egyptian presence in Libya. Further, enhancing the cooperation between the government and Libya's Tobruk-based parliament to secure the natural resources and revitalize the economy in Libya. Such initiative would be the best to resolve the battle politically and to expand the powers of the legitimate government to control the entire Libyan territory and at the same time to secure Egypt's strategic interests

The procedures and initiatives are summarized as follows:
  1. To fully secure the oil fields and facilities through concluding a contract between the Government of Tobruk and private security companies managed by the highly experienced Egyptian military men. Such companies shall be authorized to armament sufficient to face any attacks may occur on these fields by militias or terrorist groups. 

  2. To make an agreement with the Libyan government on a plan to develop the Libyan oil fields under its control so as to double the fields' production and revenues to finance reconstruction and development operations. Egypt will also in this context, technically and administratively support and also ensure the security operating in the production, exploration and transport companies against any potential risks arising from the current turmoil.

  3. To develop a joint plan to take the utmost economic advantage from the Libyan oil and gas flows and make use of it in the industries for the production of petrochemicals and electric power. An electric interconnection with Egypt can also be made, so as to increase the net economic returns from the Libyan petroleum wealth.

  4. To make a large-scale reconstruction and development plan on using the oil revenues in all huge basic infrastructure investments. Egyptian companies contribute in the implementation of these projects. This will result in an increase in the reconstruction of economic activity and diversity. It also paves the way for having further flows of Egyptian workers with high salaries.

  5. To negotiate for the implementation of a permanent resettlement program for the stability of Egyptian labor in Libya and that is by facilitating the procedures of having the Libyan nationality after residing in Libya for a period of time (3-5 years).


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