Presidency and Labor Union Invite Anwar El Sadat to Celebrate their Day

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of the "Reform and Development" Party participates in the celebration held by the Presidency to commemorate Labor Day, tomorrow, Monday at the Police Academy in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, Prime Minister, Mehleb and government officials. El Sadat considered this an opportunity to review the status and future of laborers in the light of upcoming union rights legislations.

El Sadat called for the importance of setting new national policies pertaining to labor in the framework of open dialogue with laborers and independent labor unions to understand their problems and needs and take the right decisions. He also called for reconsidering existing commitments between laborers and employers when it comes to wages, vacations, working hours, insurance and appropriate pensions in order to include all Egyptian labor in an organized market that respects their rights and secures their futures.


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