Government-Parties Rival over Elections Law makes Egypt a source of irony, which have to be ended

The chief of Egypt`s "Reform and Development" party, Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat assured that we witness a sarcastic comedy over the crisis of making elections law, and however lucid the constitutional court`s provisions are, defined and known the articles asked to be amended are, in addition to our reputable law men, we are handcuffed, accuse each other, once we blame law amendment committee, or the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics in a black comedy scene. 

Al-Sadat cleared also that it is deposit and provocative taking long for a couple of months to amend 4 articles and 12 constituencies; after that a chain of consecutive leaked recordings over the features of elections law have swept followed by an expel, meanwhile parties need to examine the law and its effect on political life in details. 

He noted that there are many reservations and objections over the amended constituencies law, but it is essential to be little regardless with the aim at passing this crisis, specially after the government has exerted it's best and there won't be the flexibility to have ideal law at the current time, but rather after the Parliament takes place, there will be a new way to handle elections law and other laws that need to be amended


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