El Sadat condemns the attack against Al-Azhar Stressing its Long History

Anwar El Sadat, President of the "Reform and Development Party" condemned the ferocious attack against Al Azhar, describing it as planned and systematic. He added that despite valid criticism towards Al Azhar and some of its scholars, such an attack is against the interest of Egypt and Egyptians. Critics and regular Egyptians should respect the institution's history and prestige rejecting destructive criticism and insults.

El Sadat stated that Al Azhar has historical national positions in maintaining Egypt's stability, defending its identity and shielding the basics of Egyptian culture and heritage. It has always been and will continue to be the body that embraces all Egyptians, especially at times of disputes. We have to help it regain its status and to lead Egyptian towards tolerant and moderate Islam, particularly as the region is fighting Jihadi and extremist ideas.

El Sadat pointed out that Al Azhar, like other state institutions, requires reform and restructuring. However, this should happen gradually like the changes that occurred in the system of the Egyptian Church so that Al Azhar can regain its real leading role inside and outside Egypt and its status in the hearts of all Muslims around the world.


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