Anwar El Sadat: Sisi's Visit to Ethiopia is a Good Step as we Wait for Announcing a Detailed Political Agreement

Anwar El Sadat, President of the "Reform and development" political party, described President Sisi's visit to Sudan and Ethiopia on Monday as a well-informed, calculated and opportune step to determine the issue of the Renaissance Dam. He commended Sisi's planned agenda; speaking in front of the Ethiopian Parliament in addition to meeting with the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and other diplomats who visited Egypt last December.

El Sadat clarified that the visit will comfort all Egyptians and affirm the will of Egyptian political leadership and the government to protect Egypt's historical right to the water of the Nile River. It will also guarantee mutual interests in terms of announcing a detailed political agreement, considering that water is an issue of national security and should not be subjected to political controversy.

El Sadat stated that, in addition to the state's role in issuing laws of irrigation and groundwater, regular Egyptians should cooperate with the government on the issue of water by rationalizing consumption, minimizing waste and preventing transgression on the Nile.


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