Anwar El-Sadat Demands the Engagement of Economic Experts and Political Parties in Revising the State Budget

After Egypt's Economic Development Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Anwar El Sadat, President of the "Reform and Development Party", called on President Sisi and the government to engage economists and political parties in reviewing the state budget for the year 2015 - 2016. He added that an expanded meeting should take place where members of economic and financial committees in each party share opinions and suggestions. 

El Sadat pointed out that the state budget in its current form of budget accounting items, not associated with a clear and announced objective is difficult in terms of measurements of achievement and accountability. Therefore the budget should be in the form of specific programs, with evaluation criteria and spending rationale in order to activate mechanisms of control, accountability and participation in decision-making.

El Sadat also stressed that the state budget has not once been discussed during the past four years now due to the absence of an elected parliament. Hence, there must be alternatives to review the budget and get the public involved in the discussion to assure transparency. Especially in light of the new constitution that calls for allocating specific percentages for some service sectors. We must know how to reduce the budget deficit and be informed about the details of grants and aid funds, and how they are spent after the Central Auditing Agency reports refer to a waste of public money in some governmental bodies. 


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