Anwar El Sadat Calls for Implementing the Joint Arab Defense Cooperation Treaty during the Arab Summit in March

Anwar El Sadat, President of the "Reform and Development" Party, called on President Sisi to encourage influential Kings and Presidents of Arab states to implement the idea of forming a unified Arab military force that is capable of facing the dangers in the region under threats of terrorist groups like ISIS and others during the Arab League Summit by the end of March 2015. He assured that putting the Arab Defense Agreement into effect should have been initiated by the Arab League a while ago. However, it stood idle simply issuing condemning statements.

Noting that military intervention alone is not an ultimate solution or cure to the conflicts in the region, El Sadat also called for a political, cultural and economic strategy to complement military action by facing extremist ideology and religious intolerance in addition to establishing rule of law and principles of justice and citizenship. 

El Sadat clarified that there are plans being made regionally and internationally since 2011 that have to be firmly countered by a unified power that maintains the stability and future of Arab countries, instead of calling in external powers such as the NATO and the United States and later condemning their interference. Especially with a large storage of arms that exhausts the budgets of Arab people without being used.


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