After Egypt's Economic Development Conference

The political system in Egypt strengthened its national and international legitimacy after the Economic Conference, which strived to achieve the hopes expressed in the revolution. With the success of the Economic Conference, Egypt passes towards a new phase that requires taking essential procedures to help the current system maintain its stability, overcome obstacles and guarantee delivering the benefits of economic reform to all Egyptians.

Those procedures are as follows:

First, the empowerment of the poor and marginalized through directing special investment and economic projects towards raising their standards of living. Second, transparency and free access to detailed information to the public on the amounts of funds and investments and how it will be spent and implemented. In addition, this information needs to be simplified and easy to understand, granted that implementation and decision-making must follow basic legal principles, publicly announced to everyone.

Third, accountability procedures to all officials who fall short of implementing their duties. Fourth, equal opportunities and access to products and services for all citizens especially those marginalized. Fifth, decentralization through increasing jurisdictions of governorates and their entities under the principles of transparency and accountability.

Last but not least, inclusiveness of all segments of the society in setting priorities and making decision pertaining to investment through democratic representation. This prompts speeding up the parliamentary elections process for citizens to choose their representatives.

We confirm our concern that state institutions must respond to the increasing hopes and expectations of all sectors of the society within a reasonable amount of time to avoid public frustration and its consequences.


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