El Sadat Calls on Friendly States, Aid Organizations and the Red Cross to Help Egyptians Coming from Libya

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of the "Reform and Development" Party, called on countries friendly to Egypt, aid organizations and the Red Cross to provide humanitarian support and aid in addition to the funds required to offer assistance in evacuating Egyptians from Libya as a result of the recent violence and security vacuum.

El Sadat affirmed that the return of a large number of Egyptians would impose a burden on the Egyptian government under the current difficult economic situation. There would be a need to provide them with employment opportunities as a replacement to what they left behind in Libya, making now the right time for various initiatives to participate in this humanitarian crisis facing the future of half a million Egyptians.

El Sadat also clarified that the Egyptian General Federation for NGOs could supervise this mission of providing assistance, which is the main and principle role of civil society.


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