El Sadat in a message to the European Union: your statement on observing the parliamentary elections upset Egyptians

Anwar El Sadat, President of the 'Reform and Development' party sent a message to the head of the EU delegation in Cairo, Ambassador James Moran, and some of the EU parliament members about their decision not to send a full election observation mission to Egypt to observe the upcoming parliamentary elections. El Sadat clarified the surprise and negative sentiment of the Egyptian people towards such a decision and that it reflects the EU's misunderstanding of the real situation in Egypt. 

El Sadat also clarified that the point of the EU's observation of the elections in Egypt was to reaffirm the legitimacy of the elections in front of the world and to have everyone witness Egypt's transition towards a real democratic transformation, starting with a new constitution, then presidential and parliamentary elections. He also added that other local and international organizations will observe the elections in addition to complete international media coverage of the whole process. 

El Sadat pointed that the EU's reservations over some human rights and freedoms violations should have been more reason to fully support the electoral process that will establish the parliament which is a tool for democracy, human rights and freedoms via legislations, given that current circumstances in Egypt are exceptional. That's why the EU should revise its position to maintain its bilateral relations with Egypt and to support the will of millions of Egyptians to complete the last requirement in the roadmap of democratic transition. 


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