El Sadat: The Arab Defence Cooperation Treaty Has To Be In Effect to Counter the Current Situation in the Region

El Sadat, President of the "Reform and Development" Political Party, called an all Arab leaders to quickly take a step to implement the Arab Defence Cooperation Treaty to face the dangers all around the Arab Region resulting from the wave of extremist Jihadist mentality expanding through ISIS, Houthis in Yemen and other groups.

He stressed on the grave threat coming from the Houthis in Yemen, backed up by Iran to gain control over neighbouring Gulf States and extending to Egypt, specifically, the Suez Canal through the Strait of Bab el Mandeb. 

El Sadat also expressed surprise over Arab leaders calling on the United States and the NATO to play an active role in facing the violence in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Bahrain given the great amount of arms and military budgets allocated in different Arab countries. Moreover, some Arab States later condemn foreign intervention after having called for it. 

El Sadat finally clarified that putting the Arab Defence Cooperation Treaty in effect immediately, military coordination between Arabs themselves and a concrete Arab initiative to resolve violence in the region is the answer towards the grave challenges we are facing.


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