El Sadat calls on President Sisi to take urgent actions to mitigate the negative psychological and political impacts caused by the ruling in the "Trial of the Century"

Anwar El Sadat, President of the "Reform and Development" party sent a message to the president, which stated:

Countless others and I have called on the people to respect the court ruling in the trial of Former President, Mubarak and the symbols of his regime, despite our reservations and shock. We still insist that future generations must learn to respect the judiciary and seek the establishment of the state of justice and law. However, the psychological and political impacts of the decision in the trial remain. It has caused anger and we must strive to prevent this anger from growing.

Therefore, I call on the President to:

  • Hold the Parliamentary elections as soon as possible and make the necessary amendments to legislations that guarantee the political responsibility and accountability of any state official.
  • Quick approval of the Transitional Justice Act to reveal the truth of what really happened since January 25, 2011. This will ensure the reconciliation of all Egyptians and provide necessary compensation to the families of the martyrs and injured.
  • Make sure the media creates an inclusive climate for the unity of all Egyptians and stops the spreading of hatred and division based on different ideologies, whether Islamist or non-Islamist.
  • The president to clearly distance himself from prominent figures of the National Democratic Party who were involved in corruption whether as politicians, businessmen or media moguls. They should not be given the chance to hold high positions or be close to the president to avoid provoking the Egyptian people.
  • Take immediate decisions regarding the release of persons who are unjustly imprisoned or detained based on weak charges. He should put an end to the attack on civil society organizations as long as they are committed to the law international norms.
  • Review the procedures that led to unrest and anger of professors and students in Egyptian universities, turning them into a ground of violence and chaos. Also, start an open and direct dialogue with the youth to support and empower them instead of their state of frustration and disillusionment.

Finally, El Sadat called on the President to move quickly to prevent this deteriorating situation from affecting his popular support because we are all keen on his success, which represents a success for all Egyptians.


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