Reform and Development Party calls for respecting court decisions in Mubarak's trial

Reform and Development Party, headed by Anwar El-Sadat, called for respecting court decisions issued today in the trial of the century, regardless of our concerns because the judiciary has the final say in any state that respects law and constitution, and if there are any objections they should be taking the legal path through contestation or repeal. 

El-Sadat said that the court makes its decisions based on the evidences submitted to it, and the belief it gets regarding this case, having heard the arguments of lawyers and the defendants themselves, as well as listening to the statements of the prosecution and witnesses' testimonies. If we really call for democracy and the rule of law in our country first we have to respect the decisions of the judiciary and stop commenting on them, and don't interfere in the work of judicial bodies and use legitimate ways to express our views rather than the meaningless criticism and attack, pointing out that the independence of the judiciary and respect for law and its implementation is an essential pillar in any democratic system.


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