El-Sadat :Shorouk Conference will be a positive step but should not discuss postponing the parliamentary elections

Anwar El-Sadat, "head of the Reform and Development Party" said that the presidency's invitation to hold a dialogue with the political powers under the supervision of Shourok newspaper is very important ,even if late or has other goals, but through Sadat's participation in some preparatory meetings with national figures ,leaders of political parties and other intellectuals, he is sure that the meeting and conference would be beneficial and mayprovide good results as long as president Sisi invited for it himself and will be participating

Sadat emphasized on the importance of the dialogue without discussing the idea of postponing the parliamentary elections but it is possible to make improvements or minor changes in the electoral law to be accepted by parties and people with the guarantee of holding elections on time, and that the dialogue will be an opportunity to discuss important challenges and issues to create a healthypolitical climate.

Sadat also referred to the need for the dialogue to address the major issues especially the civil parties vision of their future relations with the Islamic parties - universitiesriots, the youth and the doministrations law- the future role of civil society and civil associations and supporting the state and the media -fighting terrorism and developing Sinai.


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