Anwar El-Sadat says that targeting Palestinian and Israeli worship places issmashing hopes for peaceful coexistence

Anwar El-Sadat, "head of the Reform and Development Party" said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is escalating day after day with both parties relying heavily on targeting worship houses and civilians which will only complicate things and smash hopes for peaceful coexistence and stability for both sides.

Sadat called on both parties to avoid further provocations and stop arrests, houses demolition andraids. Sadat also called on the Palestinian and Israeli media to play a greater role in calming the situation to reduce violence and tension.

Sadat also called on the international human rights organizations and human rights activists andthe wise men of the world to intervene and support justice, equality and peaceful coexistence and settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through concessions by both sides to prevent further bloodshed and to reach compromises that ensure peace and stability.


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