Anwar El-Sadat: The associations union Discussed issues of Protecting civil society work, terrorism and universities

The General Federation of NGOs and civil society organizations held a meeting attended by the Federation Board of Directors and Heads of regional councils and federations departments. Mohamed Anwar Sadat, "Board Member of the General Federation of NGO's" said that during the meeting the attendees reviewed the main articles of the draft for the new civil associations' law which was set after several listening sessions in different governorates with the participation of many experts and stakeholders.

The role of the General Federation of NGOs and civil society organizations in countering terrorism was also discussed and also its role in confronting extremist ideas and elevating the standards of religious dialogue and discussed universities issues and how to renounce violence and direct the youth energies towards science and community service. The meeting also shed light on the population issue and its main components like birth control, facing school dropouts besides discussing how to reduce road accidents and related periodic disclosure on drivers and the importance of guiding signs and improving roads' conditions.

El-Sadat also asserted on the federation's role in addressing the ongoing attack on NGOs operating under the framework of the law and to monitor compliance with the strategy of the state in dealing with civil society organizations and calling for the media to play a greater role in raising awareness to the importance of civil society and developmental work, pointing out that according to the law of association there is no contradiction between the presidency of an association or union that is non-profit and political activities and working in a political party as long as there is a separation and non-interference and avoiding exploitation of the potential of one of them in accomplishing goals of the other and to maintain the independence of each of them stressing the need to encourage the culture of volunteer work with civil society organizations among the youth.


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