Reform and Development party is calling for an urgent investigation regarding the recent sectarian clashes

Anwar El-Sadat," Head of Reform and Development Party," called on Major-General Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Interiors, to open an urgent investigation regarding the clashes that took place in the village of Jabal al-Tair in Samalot in Minya governorate and punish negligents and perpetrators of such acts of violence and persecution, based on what investigations reveal.

El-Sadat said that there have been a lot of excesses and failures regarding Copts in the last years and this should not continue, justice needs to be established and the rule of law must be respected, which requires an immediate investigation concerning the abuses against the people of Jabal al-Tair and an instant release of people who were arrested and dropping all false charges against them and compensating the affected and pushing all executive bodies to stand against the crimes of kidnapping Copts and arrest all criminals who have been taking these crimes as a job. Sadat also called on the Legislative Reform Commission at the Council of Ministers to speed the completion of preparing laws on worship places and non-discrimination and equality.


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