El-Sadat discusses with young people getting back to universities and advises President Sisi not to listen to those who advocate for

abusing the Constitution 

Anwar El-Sadat "Chairman of Reform and Development Party" warned President / Abdel Fattah Sisi of giving consideration or just thinking about the leaks regarding calls for amending the new constitution, regarding articles related to the authorities of the president in the formation of the government, declaration of war and the fight against terrorism.

El- Sadat said that there is a mechanism for such amendments in the constitution articles in the presence of the elected parliament and that going around such mechanism is intolerable and will open the door for extremely dangerous disputes and conflicts.

El-Sadat also met groups of young people representing youth camps from universities of Al-Azhar, Menoufia and Gharbia to discuss the postponement of study and settling students in university dorms and how to prevent riots and violence by the Muslim Brotherhood students and others till university gets back to be a place for education and not for chaos and disrupt.

Mostafa Jibreel

Media coordinator


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