El-Sadat: Demands the Government to Act before Halayib and Shalateen become a Shared Electoral Division between Egypt and Sudan

Anwar El-Sadat "Chairman of Reform and Development Party" urged president / Abdel Fattah El Sisi and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affairs to act immediately to find a final solution to the Halayib and Shalateen dispute before it is too late, after news about the intention of the Sudanese government to consider Halayib and Shalateen to be Sudanese electoral divisions in the coming elections in Sudan and their plan to establish an Egyptian - Sudanese zone of integration.

El-Sadat explained that Halayib and Shalateen being an Egyptian electoral division and also a Sudanese division in the upcoming elections will create a major crisis and a conflict similar to the crisis of the Renaissance dam with Ethiopia and that Sudan is a neighborhood country that we don't want any disagreements or conflicts with them or with others, we need to take fast actions to solve this problem before it gets worse, especially since there are pmany voices in Sudan calling on the government to claim possession of Halayib and Shalateen, and as time goes by this trend will get stronger that no negotiations or discussions will be able to face it.

El-Sadat said that ignoring this problem will have dangerous consequences, and unless a decision is taken as soon as possible soon we will be facing an Egyptian-Sudanese crisis and then we will have only ourselves to blame. 

Mostafa Jibreel 

Media coordinator 


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