El-Sadat asks the Transitional Justice Ministry for a Conference that Brings Together the Ministry of Interiors, Representatives of Political Parties and Lawyers to Discuss the Protest Law

Anwar El-Sadat, "Chairman of Reform and Development Party," called on Ibrahim Henaidi "Minister of transitional justice" to immediately ask for a conference that brings together representatives from the Ministry of Interior, representatives of political parties and human rights organizations to discuss the protest law and the articles that need to be amended in the law and try to get everyone to agree on these amendments to be presented to the president to approve.

El-Sadat pointed out to the significance of harmonization between peaceful demonstration ,which is a constitutional right that most constitutions of the world guarantee, and the state's right to monitor demonstrations and make sure they are peaceful and secure and the state's right to interfere legally whenever needed in accordance with human rights standards if demonstrations turned violent and threatened security , caused disturbance ,harmed public or private properties or disrupted transportation and public facilities. 

El-Sadat asserted that demonstrations have laws to regulate them all over the world, and this does not mean compromising freedom of opinion and expression, we want to organize demonstrations not to confiscate the right to demonstrate, we need laws to be a tool to achieve stability and face attempts to provoke chaos and vandalism that we have seen in the recent period by some extremists who have tried to threaten Egypt's stability with their violent demonstrations.

Mostafa Jibreel

Media coordinator


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