Anwar El-Sadat: welcomes the change in the Qatari position of the Muslim Brotherhood

Reform and Development Party, headed by Anwar El-Sadat welcomed the announced Qatari decision of expelling some Muslim brotherhood leaders wanted by the Egyptian judiciary and revising Al-Jazeera coverage policy, stressing that these decisions are encouraged and supported because it is on the right track that should have been taken long time ago.

El-Sadat expressed optimism that Qatar will start to realize the new realities and the Egyptian will and try to get back to the Arab nations and for these actions not to be just a bow for strong winds or a result of the recent pressures from the Gulf countries and the US.

El-Sadat stressed that these decisions are inadequate, and many Egyptians are still skeptical of the Qatari position of the Brotherhood and this requires further actions and procedures on the ground to reassure everyone and for the Qatari leadership to be accepted again, but we respect what they did and ask the media to encourage a peaceful climate for restoring the Qatari-Egyptian relations.


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